Monday, November 7, 2016

UN Week

In the light of the United Nations day, my school celebrated it for a whole week by raising funds for a local charity. The first day of the week started with an opening ceremony, followed by the annual food festival, where teachers prepare delicious food for sale. The second day of the United Nations week, was dress down day. We had the chance to wear an outfit of our choice to school, but we had to pay a fee Rp. 20.000. My class and I decided to "dress up" instead of "dress down", by wearing suits and dresses. However, we did not stay in suits and dresses for so long as it was getting warm. It was a very fun day, as the whole class got to spend a lot of time together. Not only that, my whole class performed a dance to the song "Better When I'm Dancing" Although the performance wasn't perfect, every moment spent practising was not wasted as what matters is the fun that we had. Also, we only prepared it for one and a half hour at the very last minute. Throughout the week, a garage sale is held during break and lunch time. Also, teachers received dares from students, for example, the principal of our school did an ice bucket challenge. There were also many fun games held throughout the whole week. Here are some pictures from the dress down day:

Class photos from early in the morning

Outfit #2

Patrick : "Draw me like one of your French girls."

And here is Patrick trying to model

Overall, it was a very fun week as the whole week was filled with entertaining activities. I wish school days were like this every day. I am looking forward to more school events, I hope that the upcoming event is even better than this one!


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